7.1 Development Milestones:

The Collé project will outline a comprehensive roadmap detailing key development milestones, including the release of major features, enhancements, and integrations.

7.2 Community Engagement:

The Collé team is committed to active engagement with the community. Regular updates, AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and feedback mechanisms will ensure transparency and community involvement.

7.3 Ecosystem Expansion:

Collé will focus on expanding partnerships, integrations, and use cases within the Web3 ecosystem. This includes collaborations with other DeFi projects, AI communities, and blockchain networks.

7.4 Token Burn or Buyback Mechanism:

The Collé project may introduce token burn or buyback mechanisms to manage the token supply and enhance token value. These mechanisms aim to create scarcity and increase demand for COLLE tokens over time.

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