COLLE Token Distribution

$COLLE Distribution

5.1 Total Token Supply: 5,000,000,000 COLLE

The distribution of COLLE tokens is carefully structured to ensure fairness, decentralization, and the long-term sustainability of the Collé ecosystem.

5.2 Initial Token Sale: 5% (250,000,000 COLLE)

A significant portion of COLLE tokens, 5%, will be allocated for the initial token sale. This will allow users, investors, and the community to participate in the growth of Collé from the outset.

5.3 Team and Advisors: 10% (500,000,000 COLLE)

To align the team's and advisors' interests with the project's success, 10% of the total token supply is allocated to them. These tokens will be subject to a vesting period to ensure a long-term commitment to Collé's development.

5.4 Community Rewards and Partnerships: 50% (2,500,000,000 COLLE)

A substantial portion, 50%, is reserved for community incentives, strategic partnerships, and ecosystem development. This allocation aims to foster engagement, growth, and collaboration within the Collé community.

5.5 Reserve Fund: 35% (1,750,000,000 COLLE)

To ensure the long-term sustainability and stability of the Collé ecosystem, 35% of the token supply is set aside as a reserve fund. This fund can be utilized for future development, marketing, and operational expenses.

5.6 Token Vesting:

Tokens allocated to the team, advisors, and other stakeholders may be subject to vesting schedules. Vesting ensures that tokens are released gradually over a predefined period, incentivizing long-term commitment and alignment with the project's goals.

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